Barkley Manor payments

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Multi dog discount 35% for daycare.
Daycare is charged per Half or Full day and at rates discounted depending on type and frequency. We have Standing Reservation and Casual Packages. If you are unsure, want us to calculate a Multi Dog rate, or wish to buy a mixture please email

Casual visits

Evaluation/Re-Intro $30
Half day $30
Full day $45

Weekly social

Available for standing reservation clients only. Credits can be used in any time frame, but package type must match reservation type booked

Standing reservation Half day package Full day package
1 x week (5 credits) $130 $200
2 x week (10 credits) $230 $370
3 x week (15 credits) $300 $525
4 x week (20 credits) $380 $660
5 x week (25 credits) $425 $750

Flexible social

Session Half day package Full day package
5 Credit Package $140 $210
10 Credit Package $250 $390

Forest Adventures

Rates are charged per adventure and depending on frequency

Session Rate
Casual $55
1 x weekly $50
2 x weekly $47

Overnight Stay – Aunties and Uncles / Forest Retreats

Multi dog discount 20% for overnight stays.
Rates are charged per day from check in to check out at

$55 per day for 1-5 days
$50 per day for over 5 days

For Credit Cards and Visa Debit please complete the details below. Please note a 3% transaction fee is added in the checkout process (additional to prices below).


For Online Banking please use the following account details

Account number: 12 3260 0021936 00

Reference: "Dog name" "Your surname" and "Package"
e.g."Fido" "Smith" "Package6"

N.B Please allow 2 working days for payments to process fully from your account.

Packages – all packages are billed in $NZD. There are no additional charges to the package rate.

Refund Policy – All packages are refundable if used within a 12 month period from the date of purchase. Any credits used from a package will be deducted at the per credit rate of the original package purchase rate.