Barkley Manor payments

Welcome to Barkley Manor Online Payments


Daycare is charged per Half or Full day Standing Reservation and Casual Packages. If you are unsure, want us to calculate a Multi Dog rate, or wish to buy a mixture please email

Casual visits

Multi dog discount 15%

Evaluation/Re-Intro $30
Half day $30
Full day $45

Weekly social

Multi dog discount 35%

Available for standing reservation clients only. Credits can be used in any time frame, but package type must match reservation type booked

Standing reservation Half day package Full day package
1 x week (5 credits) $130 $200
2 x week (10 credits) $230 $370
3 x week (15 credits) $300 $525
4 x week (20 credits) $380 $660
5 x week (25 credits) $425 $750

Flexible social

Multi dog discount 35% - Expiry 12 months from purchase

Session Half day package Full day package
5 Credit Package $140 $210
10 Credit Package $270 $390

Forest Adventures

Rates are charged per adventure and depending on frequency

Session Rate
Casual $55
1 x weekly $50
2 x weekly $47

Overnight Stay – Aunties and Uncles / Forest Retreats

Multi dog discount 30% for overnight stays.
Rates are charged per day from check in to check out at

$55 per day for 1-5 days
$50 per day for over 5 days

For Credit Cards and Visa Debit please complete the details below. Please note a 3% transaction fee is added in the checkout process (additional to prices below).


For Online Banking please use the following account details

Account number: 12 3260 0021936 00

Reference: "Dog name" "Your surname" and Casual or standing package volume
e.g."Fido" "Smith" "Casual 5"

N.B Please allow 2 working days for payments to process fully from your account.

Packages – all packages are billed in $NZD. There are no additional charges to the package rate.

Refund Policy – All packages are refundable if used within a 12 month period from the date of purchase. Any credits used from a package will be deducted at the per credit rate of the original package purchase rate.